• HUMANS in the loop

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    Iva Gumnishka: “You can always rely on women” Postcards from Afghanistan and Somalia hang on the wall, Arabic music plays in the background. Kurdish, Dari, Arabic, English and Bulgarian are spoken. A poster stands out: “Homeland destroyed, family gone, former friends became enemies, weeks pass, years of waiting, at the end at least a shelter

  • The Danube is my sea

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    Svetlana Mojic is an interior designer in Novi Sad, Serbia and designs yachts and other spaces on land, sea and air. She opened her “Salt & Water Design Studio” in 2011 as a sole proprietor. Since then she has dedicated herself to her business and today has a team of five employees. dc: Svetlana, how

  • DANUBIANA on new paths

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    They are intended to create a new political level in the European Union – and lead to cross-border cooperation for common challenges: the macro-regional EU strategies. The DANUBIANA project, which celebrated its highlight on the occasion of the European Election Day in Ulm, aims to link these strategies on civil society issues. In 2009, the

  • Youth connects – Creative Danube in Ellwangen

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    The 48th Methodius Day in Ellwangen brought together young people from different European countries to discuss their aspirations for the future of the EU. Danube Connects was there and met the young people at a workshop. Seven members took part in our cultural journalism workshop. All young women, between 15 and 26 years old. They


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ROMA | Ungarn hat bereits 2011 eine europaweit beachtete nationale Roma-Strategie beschlossen. Sie enthält zahlreiche Maßnahmen wie Arbeitsbeschaffung, bessere Wohnsituation und Bildung, die Segregation in Schulen ausschließt. Die Wirklichkeit scheint jedoch eine andere zu sein, wie die Vorfälle in Gyöngyöspata im Norden Ungarns zeigen. Jahrelang mussten dort Roma-Kinder in getrennte Schulklassen gehen – nach einer Entscheidung von Ungarns Oberstem Gericht nicht rechtens. Ministerpräsident Viktor Orbán will den Urteilsspruch „nicht akzeptieren“, der eine Entschädigung für die Kinder vorsieht. Bericht von Stephan Ozsváth für den Deutschlandfunk:
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