• A sign of international solidarity in times of Corona

    A sign of international solidarity in times of Corona0

    The Institute for Virtual and Real Learning in Adult Education at the University of Ulm (ILEU) e.V. invites to dialogue. Necessary physical distance in Corona times is not the same as social distance! Under this premise, ILEU e.V. from Ulm as the coordinator of the educational network “Danube-Networkers” invites since the end of February on

  • Wild Islands – Protecting Danube areas across borders

    Wild Islands – Protecting Danube areas across borders0

    DANUBEPARKS, the network of Danube protected areas, was established in 2007. Its aim is to unite all protected areas along the Danube, all facing the same challenges, in order to achieve common nature conservation objectives better and more efficiently through increased cooperation. “Cross-border and transnational cooperation is an indispensable part of this work. Nature does

  • GoZero Danube

    GoZero Danube0

    The Danube, the most multinational river in the world, is constantly facing new dangers: One of the biggest pollution hazards is microplastics – it threatens fish and fish larvae in particular. It is estimated that around 40 tonnes of microplastics, i.e. pieces of plastic with a diameter of five millimeters or less, are transported through

  • HUMANS in the loop

    HUMANS in the loop0

    Iva Gumnishka: “You can always rely on women” Postcards from Afghanistan and Somalia hang on the wall, Arabic music plays in the background. Kurdish, Dari, Arabic, English and Bulgarian are spoken. A poster stands out: “Homeland destroyed, family gone, former friends became enemies, weeks pass, years of waiting, at the end at least a shelter


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UMWELT | Ein altes Projekt taucht wieder auf der Agenda auf: der größenwahnsinnige Donau-Oder-Elbe-Kanal. Österreichs Umweltministerin Leonore Gewessler spricht sich klar dagegen aus, zumal der Nationalpark Donau-Auen davon betroffen ist. #donauSeit vielen Jahren wird auf den verschiedensten politischen Ebenen ein umweltzerstörendes Projekt diskutiert: der sogenannte Donau-Oder-Elbe Kanal. Dieses Projekt gefährdet einen ökologischen sehr sensiblen Bereich zwischen Wien und Bratislava, darunter auch Teile des Nationalpark Donau-Auen. Deswegen habe ich einen Brief an die zuständigen EU-Kommissar*innen verfasst mit einem klaren Nein aus Österreich - denn unser Auftrag lautet: Natur schützen! 🌍 ... See MoreSee Less

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