• Strengthening the economy AND protecting nature

    Strengthening the economy AND protecting nature0

    The Interreg project “LENA – Local Economy and Nature Conservation in the Danube Region” aims to build an important bridge in the Danube region: strengthening local economy and local nature conservation at the same time. In this way, all participants should benefit from sustainability. LENA has set itself the task of uniting people and nature

  • How German and Romanian nature guides train together

    How German and Romanian nature guides train together0

    What can experienced river guides from the Upper Danube in Baden-Württemberg and young people from the Lower Danube in Romania learn from each other when they spend two weeks together in these regions? Do they find a common language and let the young people be inspired by the idea of nature conservation? The Danube Nature

  • Sarajevo and Prokoško Jezero <br/> Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Sarajevo and Prokoško Jezero
    Visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina

    When you think of Bosnia and Herzegovina, war automatically comes to your mind. But this young European country wants to show the world how beautiful it actually is. We visit the historically interesting capital and take a trip to the country’s sumptuous nature. “Tomorrow, we’re driving to Prokoško Jezero”, says Faruk Osmanović, owner of the

  • River across borders

    River across borders0

    The Thaya river connects Austria’s northernmost national park with the Czech Podyji National Park. Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, both countries have been cooperating to preserve Europe’s untouched wilderness. Looking at the National Park Centre Hardegg, you’ll have difficulty believing it belongs to the smallest town in Austria. It’s large, spacious and


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PRO YOUTH | Die Multiplikatorenveranstaltung PRO-YOUTH Skills in Heritage" fand am 30. Januar 2020 in Stuttgart statt, organisiert von der Europäischen Stiftung für Bildung und dem StadtPalais - Museum für Stuttgart. PRO-YOUTH, ein von Erasmus+ finanziertes Projekt, zielt darauf ab, innovative Lösungen für die Jugendarbeitslosigkeit durch die Entwicklung von arbeitsbasierten Lernmodulen in einem Sektor mit großem Wachstumspotenzial, Kultur- und Kulturerbe-Tourismus anzubieten. Die Veranstaltung zielte darauf ab, das Bewusstsein für die transnationalen Antworten auf die Jugendarbeitslosigkeit zu erhöhen und Möglichkeiten zu diskutieren, wie junge Menschen in den Kultur- und Kulturerbe-Tourismus eingebunden werden können.
Zunächst hielten Vertreter von Stadtlücken einen Vortrag über die integrative Nutzung des öffentlichen Raums. Es folgten ein Weltcafé und ein Rundtischgespräch über die Einbeziehung von Jugendlichen in Kulturprojekte.
Die Pilotphase und die Erprobung der Lernmodule in den Projektländern (Bulgarien, Kroatien, Italien und Rumänien) werden im Frühjahr 2020 beginnen. (übersetzt mit deepL)

PRO YOUTH | The PRO-YOUTH Skills in Heritage Multiplier Event took place on 30 January 2020 in Stuttgart, organized by the European Foundation for Education and StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart. PRO-YOUTH, a project funded by Erasmus+, aims to offer innovative solutions for youth unemployment through developing work-based learning modules in a sector with great potential for growth, cultural and heritage tourism. The event aimed to raise awareness on the transnational responses to youth unemployment and to discuss ways to engage young people in cultural and heritage tourism.
First, representatives of Stadtlücken held a presentation on the inclusive use of public space. This was followed by a world café and a roundtable discussion on involving youth in cultural projects.
The piloting phase and testing of the learning modules in project countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy and Romania) will start in spring 2020. (Text/Fotos: Krisztina Tóth, EFE).

Website: www.proyouth-heritage.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/proyouthheritage

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