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Studying in the Danube countries
Wishes, hopes and reality
What do Serbian students think about Serbia’s accession to the EU? Do their choices of studies depend on the financial means of their parents? Where do they go to after graduation? Those are issues that danube connects tried to clarify. more >>

Up-and-coming engineers
Danube to transport knowledge
An exchange of knowledge and experience is to be established that will focus particularly on the promotion of young scientists. The geographic course of the Danube will be the deciding factor for the selection of partner states for the project in the East. more >>

Point of view
Bringing Europe to the people
Being a young person in Eastern Europe is both challenging and promising. I only realised the potential of a new, a transnational Europe, when I became a student of “Master of European Journalism” at the Institute de Hautes Ètudes des Communications Sociales (IHECS) in Brussels.
more >>

Cultural Manager
Room for Young Minds
Young cultural managers from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine have applied for the Donau-Kolleg for Cultural Management in Ulm, in order to exchange ideas and extend their professional knowledge. more >>

Cultural Management

A voice for the new generation
In 2009, Juliane Gierach (26) and Johann-Jakob Wulf (28), both students at the Andrássy University in Budapest, had the idea to found a network that would unite students all along the Danube. more >>
Young Citizen Danube Network

The River Danube as ambassador for the international course of studies “Renewable Energies”
Presented during a scientific workshop, this vision became ever more concrete and may finally become a reality in 2012: a swimming academy, a conference venue as well as a community centre on the Danube. more >>


A good start
“Master of Science“ for physiotherapists
Since 2009, for the first time a course of studies in “Physiotherapy” has been made available to master students in Germany. This course of studies is the product of a cooperation of the Danube University Krems and the Ulmkolleg. more >>

Master of Danube Studies
A novelty in the Danube Area
The project’s aim is the development of a postgraduates’ course of studies called “Master of Danube Studies” in cooperation with universities in the Danube Area. more >>

Danube Rectors Conference
New opportunities for students and universities
The Danube Rectors Conference (DRC), which has gained in importance due to the Danube strategy of the EU, has already existed for 20 years. We learn what goals it pursues in our discussion with Prof. Dr. Miroslav Veskovic of Novi Sad University. more >>

Senior‘s education
“Danube-Networkers – Neighbours at Work”
“The elderly act as a mediator between the past, present and future and thereby ensure the continuity of our culture.” Such was the conclusion reached by seniors from six different Danubian countries at the final meeting of the “Danube Networkers – Neighbours at Work” project. more >>


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Civil Society
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:: ITB Berlin 2018, 7.-11.3.

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