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  • An example of sustainable economic development

    An example of sustainable economic development0

    Eight German business clubs are active in Romania It was in 1995, when Dr. Anna Prinz, working as an economic officer at the German Embassy in Bucharest, met – as she did every month – with a small group of representatives or executives of German companies at her home. They would exchange ideas or experiences

  • HAPPY EU – Looking into smiling faces

    HAPPY EU – Looking into smiling faces0

    Faces from five European countries and they all have one thing in common: they’re smiling. And it is exactly this that was one of the goals of the project with the wonderful name "HAPPY EU", which was initiated by the Maison de l'Europe in Paris together with four other partners. The project’s theme: presenting citizensREAD MORE
  • Between Inferno and Paradiso

    Between Inferno and Paradiso0

    No matter where in the world – there are few artists who can sit back and relax because they can make a good, carefree living from their art. What is it like in economically weaker countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina? Let’s start with the good news: the art scene is diverse and very active. Some artists are

  • ”Our region must play its part in Europe’s green transition.”

    ”Our region must play its part in Europe’s green transition.”0

    Gergely Karácsony, Budapest’s green-liberal Lord Mayor since October 2019, comes from Hungary’s rural north-east. With the convinced cyclist came a new style of leadership in the city: residents should be involved in decisions as much as possible. In mid-May, he announced his participation in the opposition’s primary election for the 2022 parliamentary elections. An interview