• HAPPY EU – Looking into smiling faces

    HAPPY EU – Looking into smiling faces0

    Faces from five European countries and they all have one thing in common: they’re smiling. And it is exactly this that was one of the goals of the project with the wonderful name "HAPPY EU", which was initiated by the Maison de l'Europe in Paris together with four other partners. The project’s theme: presenting citizensREAD MORE
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    Fedja Stukan has long been a big name in Hollywood. But his artistic range is very diverse, without it harming his acting career. Thanks to Brad Pitt, he has written down his experiences in the Balkan War. The book “BLANK” is now a bestseller – even beyond the country’s borders. But his greatest passion is

  • Damir Imamović: “It’s important to me to tell stories!”

    Damir Imamović: “It’s important to me to tell stories!”0

    Damir Imamovic was born in Sarajevo. He comes from a well-known musical family. His father Nedžad Imamović (1948-2020) was a bassist, producer, singer and writer, while his paternal grandfather, Zaim Imamović (1920-1994), was a legendary musician and traditional sevdah singer. The musician, composer and singer has taken up his grandfather’s Bosnian traditional music and reinterprets