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  • The Rude Awakening – playing for peace

    The Rude Awakening – playing for peace0

    CREATIVE EUROPE MEDIA PROJECT The impressive fortress with the beautiful sounding name Belvedere-Gschwent stands out from the landscape. It also seems frightening. This oppressive feeling becomes even more intense when you walk through its corridors. Belvedere is one of seven fortresses built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire between the years 1909 and 1912 like a chain

  • DANUBE YOUTH NETWORK – Back to the future

    DANUBE YOUTH NETWORK – Back to the future0

    Do the EU and the rest of Europe still have a future? This question is justified, as one reads again and again how forces are being activated to break them up and that national values are making a strong comeback. But there is one piece of good news. The future is promising: thanks to the